Earl Grey - Loose Leaf Tea
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Earl Grey's a light and fruity Ceylon with some added bergamot (plus a few other things). Enjoy black with lemon, or with milk.

Ingredients: Ceylon, Bergamot Oil, Orange Peel, Calendula Petals

About our Earl Grey

This Earl Grey is excellent at converting sceptics. People want to drink something that resembles tea, {we don't blame them} - so when they try this 'less-is-more' blend, they're easily convinced.


Light, fruity, delicate. Importantly, it's nothing like a paper teabag Earl Grey, so expect to taste tea first, bergamot second. It IS tea you're drinking, and not a hot cup of perfume.

Where's it from?

Our Uva is great, because it's grown up in the Sri Lankan hills {beautiful place, by the way}. Then... Pop in a measure of Italian bergamot oil, and you’ve got yourself an Earl Grey. We prefer to zest things up with orange peel and calendula.

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