Shopping With Us


When you shop online with us we collect your personal information to allow us to process and deliver your order. For example this includes your name, email address, delivery address and billing address. During the checkout process you can if you wish opt in to receive The Brew Times, our regular 2 weekly update from Tea HQ.

One of our team may use the data to contact you if there is a problem or query with your order. 

For payments we use 3rd party payment processors. Your payment information is handled securely by either Shopify Payments, Paypal or Stripe (in the event that you subscribe). We do not store this information and it is not visible to our team. 

If you have chosen to set up an account with us you may view your personal information at any time by logging into your account here


We send regular emails from Tea HQ known as the Brew Times. You will only receive this if you have opted in to marketing either through the checkout process or through one of the signup forms on our website.

You can unsubscribe from this at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the email or by contacting us.

Cookies & Personalisation

Our website uses cookies to collect statistical information about our visitors. This may include the number of website visitors or popular pages of the site. This information is used by us to make sure the content and products we produce are right for our Drinkers.

In addition we use cookies to improve and personalise your experience. For example they may be used to remember your preferences, product history and page views so that when you visit the site browsing is quicker and so that we can show you content which we believe is relevant. 

3rd Parties

We do not release your information to any 3rd parties for their own marketing purposes and we do not include any third party marketing information in your orders and deliveries.

Contacting Us

You may at any time contact us to discuss what information we hold about you and ask for it to be deleted. If you wish to do so you can contact us as below:

Brew Tea Company

0161 521 6310

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