For tea drinkers.

Whether it's a strong and milky morning cup, or a punchy iced tea, brewing with rolled whole leaves gives you a smoother, deeper, richer taste. It’s never ‘just’ a cup of tea. And it's never been simpler.

Q: How many cups of tea does it take to fill a nissan Cube?

A: It's 18,300

It’s 18,300. We know because we filled ours every Thursday to keep our first stockists in tea.

Back in 2012, armed with a few sharpies, a stash of foil bags, and the occasional hand-stitched tea bag; Aideen bought, tasted and packed the tea, whilst Phil sold and delivered it.

Fast forward a few years - the team has grown, we’re rocking a new Tea HQ in Manchester, but we’re still banging the same drum.

This one's for the tea drinkers

Sourced from farms we know.

Tea grows in loads of places, but the taste can be completely different. Strange then that often the ingredients just say "100% Tea". Obvious, right? We choose origins and farms that achieve just the right taste for each blend and we put them right there on the pack.

Keeping it simple
Amazing Tea.
Always Rolled Whole Leaves.

We wouldn't have it any other way. Leaves that look like leaves. They're big and they're tasty; kept in tact to preserve their flavour and picked by a real person at just the right time.

Straight from us.

Proudly made at Tea HQ.

Manchester isn't known for growing tea. But at Tea HQ we do everything else. Blend it, taste it, pack it, ship it. You're always welcome to drop by and see what is going on.

To you.

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