Lemon & Ginger - Loose Leaf Tea
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Our Lemon & Ginger's topped off with apple, rosehip, and hibiscus. Try it over ice, if you're feeling dangerous, and it's also great in cocktails.

Ingredients: Ginger Pieces, Apple, Lemon Verbena, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Lemon Peel, Natural Lemon Oil


This is an interesting blend; the longer you leave it to brew, the spicier it gets. What starts off as a light ginger kick turns into quite the warmer after 10 minutes.

Where's it from?

This one's a bit like rhubarb & custard, in that the ingredients just go together. It's a pretty classic combination too. Drinkers are in two camps: ice cold for summer, or warming {if you've got the sniffles or something}.

Drink it with this

Cachaca. In a caiprinha. You'll never have it any other way again. Regularly enjoyed by us on Friday nights.

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