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The 'Loose Leaf In A Cup' Kit
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If you're bored of rubbish tea at work or are a bit clumsy with glass, we've got the kit for you. The 'Loose Leaf In A Cup' Kit makes tea at the desk a much less conspicuous affair, so you can get your fix of rolled whole leaves wherever the mood takes you.

We’ve designed the infuser to brew tea perfectly in the hand-dipped cup, and the jug means you can add milk once it’s ready. No more splashing milk into the bottom of your cup, hoping there’s not too much. Tastier tea made that little bit more portable!

The ‘Loose Leaf In A Cup’ Kit includes: 1 x In-cup Infuser & Lid, 1 x 400ml Yellow & White Hand-Dipped Ceramic Mug, 1 x 80ml Yellow & White Hand-Dipped Ceramic Milk Jug.

The in-cup infuser & its handy lid
Made from stainless steel and silicone, the basket gives your leaves all the room they need to brew, and the lid fits neatly underneath it as a plate when you’ve finished. Pop it in the dishwasher to keep it looking its best.

A 400ml Yellow and White Cup
The hand-dipped bone china mug has all the brewing room needed for rolled whole leaves and it’s easy to take care of. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe - not that we really recommend microwaving cups of tea!

An 80ml Yellow and White Milk Jug
The matching bone china jug means you can take your milk or honey with you, adding them when the tea has brewed - perfection!


Our tea is hand-plucked from the top of the plant using its newest leaves, known as two leaves and a bud. After drying, they’re left as intact as possible and gently rolled instead of chopped. The result is a smoother, sweeter cup of tea so good you might decide you don’t need milk anymore.


When making tea with rolled whole leaves, the kit matters too. There’s nothing worse than clattering, dribbling equipment undoing all the hard work you put into sourcing really good tea.

Our kit is designed to ensure that brewing tea is simpler than ever before. It's easy to use, looks fantastic and showcases those leaves as much as possible. All you need to do is add tea and water, for a cup that's worth the wait every time.

Doing It Properly

After our tea, there is one other thing that’s really important to us - having a positive impact wherever we do business. We proudly work with brands that share our values and champion the causes close to our heart.

Good news! All of our boxes of tea and our tea bags are totally, completely plastic-free. Yep, including the clear inner bag. As for the bigger 500g/100 bags, we'll be switching them over to plastic-free packaging by the end of 2019. A win for awesome tea and a win for the planet.

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