How To Make A Teabag

Hint: it's not easy.
How To Make A Teabag

Before we got T-Rex, Phil’s mum painstakingly sewed various portions of tea into tiny, nylon tea bags. That’s the price of success when you’re trialling tea bag measurements without your own tea bag machine. Spoiler alert: it’s also not how you make a tea bag.


Our awesome tea bag machine

He guzzles and weighs whole, rolled leaves through his two Hoppers. The leaves head down the chute to T-Rex’s jaws where the nylon and the tea are clamped together, soon to be cast out of the bottom chute.

Sounds pretty simple, but it’s not. He took three days to set up, and when Aideen tried to turn on the whole shebang she blew the electrics for the entire building. Even now he’s got a personality of his own and requires constant supervision from Kieran to avoid utter catastrophe.

It can’t all be that bad. Last year, Brachiosaurus {our second machine} arrived on the same day as Malin. A baby and a second tea bag machine? Easy.



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