Milk - First, Last Or Not At All?

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Milk - First, Last Or Not At All?

We’re all about doing things properly. That said, we’d better get to the bottom of the question “milk first or last?”. The puzzle has its roots in pure snobbery. Fine china cracks when you pour boiling tea into it, so sticking the milk in first cools the water, which keeps the cup from cracking.


Nowadays, we live in an age of functionality, minimalism and IKEA. There’s simply no room for fine china teacups in this world. Loads of people use tea bags and brew their tea in a mug - which means this logic is as outdated as a lace doily.

There’s no way that you could put milk in your mug before brewing your tea. Black tea needs to be brewed at 100 degrees for 3-5 minutes to unleash its best flavours. If you pour milk in whilst brewing, you’re going to get a pretty lame cup of tea.

Even better, ditch the milk entirely. Milky brews are for losers, and black tea made with whole rolled leaves just tastes better.

Buy tea that tastes cracking without milk here.

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