How To Make Proper Iced Tea

Grab your notebooks, it’s time to learn how to make cold brewed iced tea like a true pro - with some recipes too, so you can get cracking immediately. All you'll need initially is a big jug and some space in the fridge - oh, and rolled whole leaves of course.
How To Make Proper Iced Tea

The sun is shining in Manchester, for a change. and that means we're thinking about summery drinks - a summer past-time for us since we started doing tea. So grab your notebooks, it’s time to learn how to make Cold Brewed Iced Tea like a true pro.


Cold Brew Bottles

That saying really doesn’t apply to a lot of things {relay racing & Bananagrams are two obvious exceptions} but when it comes to iced tea, slower really is better.

Brewing your tea in cold water and leaving it to infuse in the fridge for a sturdy 12 hours seems like a long time, but it does get you a really great iced tea.

You’ll get an awesome, well-balanced tea that doesn’t need sugar or honey to sweeten it. It's REALLY ace on its own - great if you fancy keeping it simple in the morning.  But, if you do want to turn it into something extra special, you can add fruit slices, lemon juice and honey to your taste. This is where your own creativity comes in and we get some excellent recipe suggestions from drinkers each week -so this is what lots of folk get up to at the weekend with our tea!

Characteristics of cold brewed tea (when using rolled whole leaves, of course): sweeter notes, lightly brewed, better clarity versus a hot cup of tea thanks to the gentler extraction, delicate notes more obvious when tasting.

In need of some inspiration? You can take these ideas. Claim them as your own - we won't tell. 

This is the best way of making iced tea, but not the only way...


If your clock is ticking, you can make a great iced tea in less than 10 minutes. Hot brewing will make a stronger 'base' that isn't great on its own over ice - because it's a really, really strong cup of tea gone cold - but if you dilute it with lots of fruit juice, some sugar and shake over ice, you get a thick, rich cocktail-style drink instead. Tune in next time when we tell you all about the virtues of hot brewed iced tea.


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