We do rolled leaves.

If you’re new around here, you might be wondering… what’s the deal with rolled, whole leaves? Well we’re here to de-mystify the ‘not-as-complicated-as-it-seems’ business of tea. And explain why rolled, whole leaves are SO much tastier.

All tea comes from one plant. Camellia Sinesis if you want its proper name. It’s originally from China, but now tea is grown all over the world. The differences in growing conditions, picking techniques and manufacturing processes are what makes up the taste.

You can make tea in a few ways. Broadly speaking: Rolled, whole leaves (speaks for itself), chopped up a bit (CTC), or chopped up a lot (dust). That matters because once it’s damaged from its original leaf, tea loses its natural oils and a lot of its taste. It also ends up looking all the same, which means you can’t actually tell for sure what tea you’re drinking.

The difference is right there. Leaves that look like leaves, packed with great taste. Versus the sad dust that gets swept up into paper bags and dunked in water for 10 seconds.

We only ever use Rolled, whole leaves. Which is exactly what it sounds like. Whole tea leaves, intact, carefully rolled to produce a twiggy-looking leaf with a smoother, richer, flavour. The best tea is made using the fresh bud from the top of the tea bush and the first two leaves - these are sweeter and smoother. Once it’s been dried and rolled, it goes into your packets, into the teapot and voila - great tasting tea.

The lowdown.
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Rolling whole leaves lets them keep all of their flavour and natural oils, giving tasty tea with no bitterness. It takes a minute or two longer to brew, but the finished cup is definitely worth the wait.
A real person choosing the best leaves and picking them by hand keeps them intact and full of flavour, so that you don’t end up with any tasteless leaves, stems and in-between-bits in a blend.
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Rolled whole leaves also taste smoother and richer than the dusty stuff usually found in tea bags. It’s like the difference between freeze-dried instant coffee and real, freshly ground coffee beans.

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