Join the hunt for the Golden Brew Coins

Our Weights & Measures team have been busy hiding Golden Brew Coins in boxes of tea headed to Sainsbury's. They've been generous. There are about 3000 Golden Coins waiting for you in the Sainsbury's tea aisle. Here's what's up for grabs:

- Boxes of English Breakfast Loose Leaf Tea - 113g
- Yellow Teapots for One
- Loose Leaf Starter Kits
- £5 off a box of tea from our website
- Days out for 4 people
- A luxury jackpot prize thanks for our friends at The Reach in Manchester.

Keep your eyes peeled.

You can tell which boxes have a prize inside because they have a snazzy sticker on the front that looks like this: This is what the Golden Brew Coins inside your tea box look like:

Your coin has instructions on it telling you how to redeem your prize, but if you have any questions get in touch with Giuliana at or 0161 637 9747. 

The T&Cs

  • - No swapsies, the prize written on your coin is what we'll send out to you.
  • - If your prize needs posting, we'll send it to your UK address with EVRi.
  • - If you win one of the days out, email us and we'll book the trip for you on a date that works for you.
  • - The 50 Brew Coins / £5 off tea on our website coins have a link to redeem your unique discount code. If your online order goes below £20 after the discount you'll pay for shipping. It's free shipping on orders over £20.
  • - We might ask you for pictures of your Golden Coin, the name of the store that you bought the tea from, or pictures of the receipt. Don't take it personally, it's just so we can keep track of the lucky winners.
  • - Our Golden Brew Coins are gold in colour, no precious metals are hiding in your box of tea.
  • - If you buy a box of tea that has a 'Prize Inside' sticker on the outside but no Coin inside then drop us an email and we'll sort it. 
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