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Five years ago there were two of us working out of a small HQ in Rainford. It's fair to say that our carbon footprint wasn't one of our top priorities. But time flies, and before you know it you've got 8 times as many people, and Tea HQ is twice as big and filled with machines like T-Rex and Brachiosaurus.


A tap.

This year, we're getting into tracking our carbon footprint. To give us a head start, Deirdre's been working with Carbon Analytics {check them out here} to better understand our environmental impact and how our actions can change this for the better or worse.

Already Tea HQ is metamorphosing - all of our office supplies are made from recycled material, recycling everything is becoming second-nature, and we've even changed the lightbulbs to less wasteful LEDs. {No jokes here on how many tea drinkers it takes to change a lightbulb, please}. These small changes combined can make a powerful difference on the impact our business has not only now, but in years to come.

Brewtime trivia: since we started putting these changes into practice, we've taken on three newbies. With sixteen of us at Tea HQ, our current Carbon Analytics score is 647. We're already interviewing for more proper tea champs, and we'll be growing even more after that. From now on, we'll be checking out our Carbon Analytics score and our water and energy usage to make sure that it never increases by more than 10% each year, even if we get 100% bigger. Smashing. 

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