One Liner Iced Tea Recipes

With all of this hot weather, we've been going a little bit OTT on the iced tea. Rather than blasting you with a million and one different recipes, we thought we'd keep it concise with some one liner iced tea recipes. Some classic, some... less so. The rule of thumb with this is simple, four scoops per 800ml of water in one of our cold brew pots. With that in mind, let's do this.


The backbone of any good iced tea recipe

English Breakfast, hot brew, cool over ice, add honey and lemon to taste.

Earl Grey, cold brew, add bourbon and vanilla. Plenty of. 

Chai, hot brew, cool over milk & ice, add vanilla. Boom. 

Jasmine Green, cold brew, add mint and cucumber.

Fruit punch, hot brew, cooled over ice. 

Cold Brew Lemonade, cold brew with blueberries, add honey and lemon. 

Earl Grey, brew in simple syrup, double gin, dash lemon, squeeze honey, club soda. 

English Breakfast, cold brew, add lemonade.

Green Tea, hot brew, add lime juice, cane sugar, mint and club soda. 

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