Recipe: Cold Brew Green Iced Tea.

Here's a super easy recipe for delicious cold brew green iced tea. If you're into sweet and tropical flavours, this is the cold brew for you.


Recipe: Cold Brew Green Iced Tea.

If you love iced tea but are sick of the overly sweet, syrup like product that just doesn’t meet your expectations, then you’re in for a treat. Iced tea is the ideal drink for summer, it’s fun, easy and refreshing. So, if you want iced tea made from real tea extract and 100% rolled whole leaves, you’re in the right place.


Cold Brewing some Green Tea. Tastyyyy.

1. Put 4 scoops of your green tea into 1 litre of cold water. 

2. Don’t be tempted to reach for the kettle. Top up your pot with cold water and leave it in the fridge to cold brew overnight for 12-15 hours.

And that’s it! In the morning, your cold brewed green tea will be brewed and ready for drinking. Because you used a slow infusion process at a low temperature, it’s going to taste awesome and naturally sweet as is. This is especially the case with rolled whole leaf blends; the dustier, broken tea blends will result in a stronger, cloudier and more bitter infusion, plus the extraction method means you're getting more from the leaf, so it's best to use as high quality tea as you can to keep it fresh and palatable. Definitely avoid paper tea bags - use loose leaf to ensure that your water is only extracting from stuff that you want to drink!

That said, the best thing about making iced tea is getting experimental. Add a dollop of honey and a wedge of lemon for a classic green iced tea recipe, jazz it up with lots of lime juice, zest and mint for a virgin mojito drink, or mix it with some sugar syrup, gin and grapefruit juice for a fresh, summery drink at the annual barbecue.

That's it - it's super easy to make your own, tasty drinks and since everybody's rocking a water bottle these days, it means you can take it out with you and not have to drink a sugar-laden iced tea made from extract - a much tastier, fresher, more natural way to enjoy iced tea.



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