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The Pick & Mix Box
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25 individually wrapped tea bags in awesome envelopes. Our range of black tea, green tea and tasty non-tea infusions are all present - perfect for the indecisive drinker.

You'll get:

5 x English Breakfast - Malty, caramelly goodness.

3 x Earl Grey - A light, woody mix of citrus and Ceylon.

3 x Chai - Spicy and slightly sweet.

2 x CO2 Decaffeinated - Earthy and a little bit plummy.

3 x Green Tea - Smells tropical, tastes of summer greens.

3 x Moroccan Mint - Refreshing and very very minty.

2 x Jasmine Green - Delightfully floral with a grassy finish.

2 x Fruit Punch - Loads of berry with a bit of tang.

2 x Lemon and Ginger - Lemony and kicky.

The Pick & Mix Box has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 25 reviews.

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