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This one's for when you like to have all your favourites to hand - a steady supply of your top 3 blends.

You'll get 3 1/4lb boxes of loose leaf tea, or 3 boxes of 15 tea bags delivered as often as you need.

No strings attached, no monthly minimum quantities and cancel at any time. Just tea as and when you need it.

Plus, you'll save up to 18% when you subscribe. Win-win.

How It Works

1. Pick how often you'll need a delivery.
Anything from every month, to every 6 months. Whether you get through your tea super-fast or just like never having to go to the supermarket, we've got you covered.

2. Pick your way of drinking.
Are you Team Loose Leaf or Team Tea Bag? Choose the tea format for your subscription.

3. Pick your blend.
Time to commit to your favourite blends.

Keep An Eye On Things.

Your Account page lets you manage all the small details:

Running Out Already?
Fear not. You can request we send your tea right away with a quick click.

Too Much, Too Soon?
If you’re heading off on holiday or going through a dry patch, skip or delay your order.

No more tea!
Not a problem, easily cancel your subscription at any time - we won't tie you in.

Doing It Properly

After our tea, there is one other thing that’s really important to us - having a positive impact wherever we do business. We proudly work with brands that share our values and champion the causes close to our heart.

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