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Lemon & Lime Cold Brew Iced Tea
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This way to read all about the tea.
  • Same day dispatch for all orders before 2.30pm.
  • Free delivery on orders over £10.


Tea deserves more than sad, dust-filled tea bags in a weak, watery sludge. It should be treated like the classic it is. We only ever use rolled whole leaves, which make for a tastier tea.

Our cold brew blends are no different - chunky blends of rolled whole leaves and fruit designed to make smooth, refreshing iced tea. So much tastier than the extract-based iced tea, let’s get cold brewing!

How To Cold Brew

1 Giant Tea Bag or 4 Scoops {20g} of iced tea.
Pop a special cold brewing tea bag or a few scoops of tea into your jug.

1l Filtered Water
Add cold water. These tea bags or 4 scoops {20g} are both the perfect amount for 1l of iced tea.

12 - 15 hrs Cold Brew Time
Leave it in the fridge for 12-15 hours. Hello, fresh iced tea!

Make It Even More Awesome

20ml Agave
50ml Lemon Juice
250ml Cold Brew Iced Tea

Fancy more punch? Shake over ice to enjoy the dream combination of citrus, vanilla and slight malt.


Classic Cold Brew

First launched in 2015 as ‘Cold Brew Lemonade’, this blend is light, lemony, a little bit creamy - good enough to drink straight or cocktail style. This pioneer of a blend is going strong.


To make your cold brew just add cold water and pop into the fridge overnight. When you’re ready, remove the tea and you’re done – tasty iced tea on its own, or jazz it up with extra lemon & a touch of sugar.

What's In It : Assam Black Tea, Lime, Vanilla Pieces, Lemon Peel, Sunflower Petals, Lime Oil


Doing It Properly

After our tea, there is one other thing that’s really important to us - having a positive impact wherever we do business. We proudly work with brands that share our values and champion the causes close to our heart.

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