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Lemon Cold Brew Iced Tea - 4 x 300ml
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Isn't it strange that tea is almost always last on the list of iced tea ingredients? We don't use tea extract, instead we cold brew our rolled whole leaves for 15 hours, creating a smooth, fresh iced tea. We only mix it with simple ingredients and put tea back where it belongs: at the top of the list.

How We Make Cold Brew Tea

After a whole lot of testing, we came up with the perfect iced tea making process. It's all in the simplicity - and of course, the rolled whole leaves.

1. Choose your tea.
The most important bit. Starting with rolled whole leaves means that we can keep the taste and quality of our tea. They're awesome for cold brewing because they slowly release their flavour over time, so we end up with a perfectly smooth iced tea.

2. Cold brew it for 15 hours.
Cold brewing keeps any bitterness at bay - there's no risk of quickly over-brewing or burning your leaves - and it slowly brings out the leaves' natural flavours. After 15 hours, our tea is flavoursome, tasty and ready for the next step.

3. Mix in the good stuff.
Once we have an awesome base, we can get to flavouring. We don't ruin our brewing efforts with dodgy flavourings or overcomplicated combinations - it's all about enhancing the tea flavour and adding a bit of a kick. This one's made with fresh Sicilian lemon juice and sweetened with agave and unrefined cane sugar. Simple and delicious.


Lemony iced tea is a bonafide classic. We make ours with a super smooth base of 15 hour cold brewed English Breakfast tea. Mixing that with zingy real lemon juice and a little agave, means we end up with an awesomely refreshing drink. Hello, summer !

It's ready to drink as is, but we also love it over loads of ice and a slice of lemon.


What's In It : Cold Brewed English Breakfast Black Tea* 89%, Lemon Juice 6%, Unrefined Sugar, Agave

*Rainforest Alliance Certified


Box of 4 x 300ml bottles.

Doing It Properly

After our tea, there is one other thing that’s really important to us - having a positive impact wherever we do business. We proudly work with brands that share our values and champion the causes close to our heart.

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