Drink Your Greens

...With Chocolate!


We're big fans of green tea! Our three blends are a tasty, light respite from all that Christmas feasting - awesomely refreshing and smooth.

We already know that tea pairs deliciously well with chocolate, so we teamed up with our fellow B Corp, Doisy & Dam, to have a tea & chocolate pairing session to celebrate all things Green Tea.

Our Green Tea

Green Tea is all about the balance - loads of flavour and minimal bitterness. Hoppy, summery, and tasty!

Great with...
Maple, Toasted Rice & Pink Salt Dark Choc
We loved how the slight saltiness brought out the Green Tea's sweetness, and the toasted flavour worked wonders with its light, grassy notes.

Our Moroccan Mint

A strong gunpowder green tea with a super minty peppermint. Lively and refreshing.

Great with...
Date & Himalayan Pink Salt Milk Choc

The creaminess of this one gave our Moroccan Mint a nice toffee flavour - just like drinking a retro sweet.

Our Jasmine Green

A rich, leafy green tea made slightly floral, giving you a cup of tea light enough to drink all day long.

Great with...
Coconut & Lucuma Dark Choc

The toasty flavour of the coconut made this a wonderfully tropical - and not too sweet - team.

Nab yourself the whole tasty lot!

The first 20 orders of the All-The-Greens Triple Pack get the Doisy & Dam chocolate pairing for free.

Go go go!

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