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Tea Pot For Two - 800ml
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A proper tea pot for sharing!

Originally created as our Cold Brew Tea Pot in 2015, many of our drinkers used it to brew hot tea to share with their favourite folks - so much so, we knew we had to relaunch it as a fantastic Tea Pot For Two. 

Make twice as much of your favourite tea without the need for two tea pots. Half the prep and half the clean-up, without having to pay for two pots. Use double the amount of tea for two tasty cups, and check our brewing info for the perfect time and temperature.

Our pot doesn't have a basket, meaning the rolled whole leaves have more space to absorb more water - which in turn makes for a better tasting pot of tea. Also, because it's made of borosilicate glass you can see exactly what's going on inside, it's tough, and safe for the dishwasher.

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