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Over the past couple of months, we've been taking proper tea to the masses at trade shows across the country. Now that we've got our last one out the way {for a while}, we thought we'd put our expertise to good use and give you this Trade Show Survival Guide.


Being awesome at Caffe Culture 2017

Trade show-ing is a pretty surreal experience the first time you do it. You're given a few square metres of floor space in a huge hall filled with other exhibitors, then you spend the next couple of days talking to visitors about what you do. They're essentially comic-cons for your industry - there's no cosplay, but there's plenty of geeking out. 

Given that you're on your feet the whole time, the first thing you need to survive a trade show is a comfortable pair of shoes. You WILL see people in rollerblades carrying trays. You WILL see glamorous women in stilettos. You MIGHT see people on stilts. Do not be fooled. These folks have definitely got a pair of highly unfashionable trainers stashed behind their stand. Follow their lead. 

It's probably for the best that you're doing plenty of shimmying around whilst you're there. The trade show diet does not lend itself to a sedentary lifestyle. Prepare for all notions of healthy eating to go well and truly out the window - the only things you'll want to eat will undoubtedly involve deep frying and cheese. Accept this. 

Finally, when you think it's all over, be assured that it isn't. Once the show's closed, it's time to break down your stand. You might make yourself feel useful by breaking down your elaborate stand yourself, but you're certainly not going to feel good. Take our advice, get somebody else to do it for you. We learned this the hard way. 


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