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The Tea & Chocolate Extravaganza 2019!

Last year, we put our teas to the test against lots of different chocolates to see which pairings came out on top. You guys loved it and sent us photos of you trying out your own tea and chocolate pairings which was awesome! We figured it would be a tragedy if we didn't take the challenge on again this year to see if we could discover any more winning combinations for you to try at home. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it...



English Breakfast
As predicted, our English Breakfast scored full marks with the malted milk chocolate. A classic combination. The dark chocolate was too strong for this one, leaving a dullness in the mouth.

Earl Grey
Dark chocolate was a winner here, bringing out the delicious citrus notes from the tea. The malted milk chocolate added one flavour too many for the Earl Grey and earned itself a low score all round.

CO2 Decaffeinated
Our CO2 Decaffeinated paired well with the honeycomb chocolate as it brought out a subtle sweetness from the tea. White chocolate made for an overly sweet combination, though not too bad if you have a sweet tooth!

Chai and white chocolate was a strong contender for top place in our extravaganza as the chocolate balanced the spiciness of the tea awesomely. The malted milk chocolate didn't fare as well for this one.

Green Tea
Another winner for the white chocolate. The extra creaminess of the chocolate complemented the grassiness of the Green Tea. Dark chocolate came in last place as the bitterness greatly overpowered the lightness of the tea.

Jasmine Green
It was a good day for the white chocolate as it won hands down with the Jasmine Green. Again, the dark chocolate overpowered the light taste of the tea which meant it got a thumbs down from us.

Moroccan Mint
Dark chocolate and mint - we should have guessed this one would go down a treat. The sweetness of the tea worked wonders with the bitterness of the chocolate but didn't pair so well with the malted milk chocolate.


Some of these pairings held their own like they did last year {we may have eaten way too much white with the Green and Jasmine Green yet again...} but a surprising winner this time around was the Earl Grey and dark chocolate which wasn't favoured last year - good thing we allowed it a second chance, eh.


Fancy having your own tea and chocolate tasting session? Download our handy printable tasting sheet below, gather all of your hungry friends and away you go.
Show us how you get on by sending a snap of your experiments and we'll give you a nice £5 in Brew Coins for your awesome contributions to Easter.

Happy tasting!

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