The Tasting Club

Introducing The Brewtime Tasting Club. 
The Tasting Club

Our series of limited edition blends that are constantly changing. Full of teas that we wouldn’t normally be able to add straight to the main collection. Your requests. One-harvest wonders. Hard-to-source gems.

Some of you might remember our ‘Chai Tasting Club’ back in 2014. A concept that went down a storm and gave us the hugely popular, punchy and comforting Chai we know & love. The Brewtime Tasting Club is the same idea.

There’ll be a blend per month. All limited edition and each box individually numbered. Buy it, and you’ll get a great looking box of rolled, whole leaf tea with a truckload of tasting information. This is where it gets interesting. 

Get your schlurp on - brew the tea per the instructions on the pack, taste it (black and then with milk), and scribble your tasting notes down on the scoring card. Decide on your final score and send it to us. 

The ones with the best scores might someday be brought back as a permanent fixture. It’s all down to you.

Get the collection here.


The Tasting Club collection


The blends. 

Especially for Christmas, we’ve launched with three upfront so you have plenty to choose from. Because threes are good, right?


Oh Christmas Tea.

Spicy & Bold. Think Chai in a Santa hat. All the lovely warming spices of chai with some christmas tweaks - more clove, some orange and vanilla. One where you'll taste something new with every gulp.

This has the Chai spiciness, but with an orangey lift. This is for those who like to tread the fine line between strong flavours of spice and citrus AND stronger tea.



Bloomin’ brilliant.

Floral & Woody. As with our Earl Grey, we've gone easy on the heavily perfumed notes. This is a rosy drink you can enjoy for the length of the cup, rather than one which leaves you full after a couple of sips. A florally builder, with some natural hay and wood notes to keep it balanced.

If you're a fan of earthier blends, have a hankering for florals or are a firm convert to tea without milk, this will pique your interest. Come for the flowers, stay for the woody notes.



Life gives you lemons.

It’s tea & citrus. A match made in heaven. And where our Earl Grey gives you a light, woody citrus feel, this is keeping it indoors - think of the smell of baking a lemon drizzle cake and you're there. Lemon. Vanilla. Tea. It really can't get much better than this.

Light black tea? Check. Citrussy notes? Check. A great intro in the world of 'flavoured' tea? Check.


Buy the first collection of blends here and tell us what you thought. And boom. You’re a professional tea taster now. You might even get a badge to prove it. 

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