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We've always been proud of our commitment to doing things properly and for us, a key part of that has been transparency. This is why we list our ingredients on our packs instead of hiding behind vagueries such as "100% tea". This appetite for more honest and open business means we have much more choice when it comes to ensuring the sustainability of our blends - but what to choose?


Awesome tea bag tags.

A couple of years back we investigated Rainforest Alliance, The Ethical Tea Partnership and Fairtrade Foundation to see how they benefit our business. We found that the benefits of Rainforest Alliance and The ETP matched exactly with our current ideals.

For us Rainforest Alliance and Ethical Tea Partnership are the best fit - they offer rich benefits for all - certified growers benefit from better working conditions and kinder environmental practices - and in the case of the ETP, the joining cost for producers is relatively small - this gives small businesses a step up the ladder that can only benefit the entire supply chain in the long term.

We had a simple goal. By the end of 2017 we'd have our English Breakfast certified as Rainforest Alliance and a further commitment to have over half our tea certified by either Rainforest Alliance or Ethical Tea Partnership by the end of 2018.

We expect to be nicely ahead of schedule!


UPDATE - June 2017 - good news, we've been buying Rainforest Alliance English Breakfast all year! Plus we're now fully fledged members so you'll see the green frog appearing on packaging shortly. 

We're well on track with the other blends too, Green Tea is Rainforest Alliance and Earl Grey is Ethical Tea Partnership - we'll be a member of that shortly too {by the end of the month}.

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