Recipe: Bank Holiday Fruit Punch Punch

NEWSFLASH: For the first time in weeks, it's sunny in Manchester. Just in time for the bank holiday weekend too! Given this unlikely turn of events, we decided to come up with a new recipe just to mark the occasion. This one's for sharing, so multiply it up to fit your bowl.


Fruit Punch Punch. It's punchy.

Put 5 scoops of Fruit Punch into an 800ml Cold Brew Pot.

2 Top up with boiling water and let it brew for a loooong 7 minutes. 

Add 3 scoops of sugar to your pot of Fruit Punch and stir.

4 Get your punch bowl and add some ice, then pour your Fruit Punch over to cool. 

5 Now what you've all been waiting for: Add 150ml of Vodka, 75ml Gin and stir. 

6 Add a squeeze of lemon, garnish with summer fruits and get it in the garden. Under cover, probably. 

Of course, making punch is all about experimentation. So, use this recipe as a guide, but jazz it up to your heart's content.


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