Making Proper Iced Tea: The Cold Brew Way.

The sun is shining in Trafford Park, and on a regular basis at that. Inevitably that means we’ll be blasting you with loads of delicious recipes over the coming months. But you’ve got to walk before you can run. So grab your notebooks, it’s time to learn how to make Cold Brewed Iced Tea like a true pro.


Cold Brew Lemonade - worth the wait

That saying really doesn’t apply to a lot of things {relay racing, Bananagrams and superbike racing are all obvious exceptions} but when it comes to iced tea, a truer phrase could not be turned. The best iced teas take time.

That means brewing your tea in cold water and leaving it to infuse in the fridge for a sturdy 12 hours. It’s a long time, but it’s a worthwhile way to spend it. You’ll have an awesome, well-balanced tea that doesn’t need sugar or honey to sweeten it. It's REALLY ace on its own. But, if you do want to turn it into something showstopping, you can add fruit slices, lemon juice and honey to your taste. 

This is the best way of making iced tea, but not the only way. If your clock is ticking, you can make a cracking iced tea in a fraction of the time. In fact, fruit-based iced teas should always be made with boiling water to sterilise any bacteria to oblivion. Tune in next time when we tell you all about the virtues of hot brewed iced tea.

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