In the UK, 96% of all cups of tea made at home are made with tea bags. No problems there, but combine that statistic with the fact that only 16% of tea drinkers wait for more than 2 minutes for their tea to brew and you know that there’s something seriously wrong with the average drinker’s treatment of that all important Brewtime.


Whether you’re using loose leaf or tea bags, the perfect cup of tea takes time. You’ll know this already. To stop you feeling at a loose end whilst your tea’s brewing, we always give you something to do to while away the minutes {like bird spotting, stargazing or origami}. This month, we gave you a card to make tea drinking data look awesome.

Let your tea do its thing, follow the guide on the top of the card and start colouring. We’ve given you codes to represent tea bags, loose leaf, milk, no milk, sugar, no sugar and whether you were alone or had a chat over your tea. Don’t be another boring statistic, mix up your habits over the month and keep your diary looking awesome.

This one’s caused quite a stir, so instead of ending its run this month, we'll be sending it out with any orders placed in the first week of May.


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