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Is 'Normal Tea' Dying Out?

Google “Tea”, hit “news” and you’re going to find a number of things on the first page of results; things that have nothing to do with tea, articles about herbal teas, or articles from the likes of The Sun and The Mail about Brits drinking bathtubs of tea and decline. In other words, normal tea doesn’t exactly get the best press. So what’s going on? 


Lovely Cup of English Breakfast Tea

You might be hearing a lot about blue teas. cheese teas, even wee tea. {Gross, we know}. You might be hearing that the Youf of today like nothing more than a pot of herbal tea, and that sales of black tea are in steep decline. You wouldn’t be foolish for thinking that normal tea really is dying out. 

But what we’re seeing isn’t the death of the classic blend, instead, we’re seeing the passing of the paper tea bag, the demise of dust and the obliteration of obviously not tasty tea. Drinkers are simply more interested in better tea. It just so happens that most of the companies offering better tea are staying as far away from the cursed English Breakfast as possible. 

But we’re not afraid. We know what an awesome English Breakfast tastes like, and we know it’s nothing like the stuff you find in hotel rooms. We know that English Breakfast is still what people like to drink the most - we wouldn't have painted every free wall in Tea HQ yellow if we weren’t totally confident now, would we? 

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