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Iced Tea Champs 2017.

Occasional sunshine, muggy weather and awesome new packaging means one thing: Summer at Tea HQ! There are two great things about this time of year. Iced Tea and daytime drinking. We celebrated these pinnacles of British summer time with the second {now annual} Iced Tea Championship.


Walter White inspects the cocktail process

Last year, things got a bit out of control. Each team made 3 drinks and no ground rules were set. One team even put forward a Hot Toddy.

A hot drink.... At an Iced Tea Championship. 

This year we decided to lay down the law - each team could choose from a set of ingredients to jazz up their English Breakfast based cocktail. The real invention came with the presentation. 

Summer Thyme, Citrus Breakfast and A Very British Slush Puppie were all worthy contenders - but there could only be one winner. 

It's no surprise that the lab coat wearing team {who wrapped us all in a police cordon, brought their ingredients to the table in lab glass apparatus and had their own Walter White figurine to boot} won. 

"Brewing Bad"'s winning Iced Tea cocktail: Risky Whisky, is coming to a recipe card near you - soon... 

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