Ah, iced tea - a staple of British summer time. You'll already know that the best iced teas are homemade. The best of the best are made with whole leaf tea and cold brewed for 12 hours overnight. You put in all of that time to get an awesome flavour out of the tea, so it seems a shame to water it down with ice.  But there's no use in an ice-less cold brew, so we've come up with an awesome recipe for making ice cubes with tea - say hello to even more awesome iced tea! 


Beautiful and tasty!

 You're going to need:

  • Rolled, whole leaves - always.
  • 1 Cold Brew Pot + 1 scoop {for cold brewing}.
  • 1 ice cube tray.
  • Garnishes to match the Cold Brew you're making. 

How to make it awesome:

First, you're going to need to make your cold brew. You can go to our fool proof recipe by clicking here. Make sure it's the same flavour cold brew you'll be using the ice cubes for, we can't vouch for any tea mashups. 

For the cold brew, you'll want to use filtered water. Using filtered water, rolled whole leaf tea and cold brewing the tea will all help towards making your cubes crystal clear. 

Once that's done, grab your garnishes and get chopping. Make sure the pieces are small enough to fit easily into each well of the ice cube tray. For our Cold Brew Lemonade Cubes, we chose fresh mint, raspberry and of course, lemons. 

Put one of each of the garnish pieces into the ice cube wells and top them up with your cold brew - then, it's into the freezer overnight. 

In the morning, they'll be frozen, delicious and ready to add to your iced tea. Ohhhh yeah.



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