We’re all about that #brewtime. Those five minutes extra you-time that you make for yourself when you’re brewing a proper cup of tea. But, we wouldn't want you procrastinating your life away for a whole 300 seconds, so each month we give you Things To Do Whilst You Brew. This month, we’ve kept it seasonal with a spooky, franken-style game of Heads Bodies Legs.


Making a Franken-Cat with this month's Things To Do Whilst You Brew card

We all know that Heads Bodies Legs is a multiplayer game, so we’ve got the ball rolling and left 3 squares out of nine for you to let your imagination run wild over.

First step, grab your pen and get drawing. Fill in the gaps on the card with the relevant caput and umeris, externes abdominis or a lovely pair of crura. {Then go to google translate and translate these from the latin terms we used to sound uber scientific. This is an optional step}.

By this time your tea will probably have brewed, depending on your artistic prowess. So, pour your tea and take a sip. Being rejuvenated as you will be, it’s time to chop up your beast and get creative - mashing together heads, bodies and legs that are more mismatched than Cold Brew Lemonade and Chai Lattes. Do your best to keep the evil laughter to a minimum, though.


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