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Not every sales meeting is going to be a walk in the park. Disagreements are laid bare, difficult conversations are had and, if you're lucky, a resolution is found. What about when you're not so lucky? Here are some signs that your sales meeting isn't going so well. 


Normal tea :(

  • The potential buyer physically backs away from tea you're brewing in a tea pot, saying "But we just want normal tea".
  • Failing that, they don't want to try the tea at all. 
  • Failing that, they actively hate tea in all its incarnations.  
  • They tell you, in Dragon's Den fashion, that you really ought to get out of this business. Now. 
  • They tell you that whole leaf tea is never, ever going to catch on. 
  • Before the meeting even starts, they get into an argument with their colleagues about who booked the meeting space first.
  • When you do have a meeting space booked, it's booked right ahead of a wine tasting session - and the wine is already laid out on the table.
  • When you've finished your pitch, they reveal that they're from a big tea company - chortling as they tell you that they're going to steal one of your first ever stockists. {Why?}
  • Then they make you cry.
  • Then they don't turn up after you've driven to Torquay to see them. Twice. 
  • Then you forget to bring the tea. 

Yes, all of these things actually happened to us. But it's not all doom and gloom, some of these scenarios turned out better than you might think. In fact, some of the aforementioned folks turned into actual stockists.

So, to those on the sales grind - remember that it can all be so right, even if it seems so, so wrong. 

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