• 100% Rolled Whole Leaves
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Hand Packed in Manchester
  • Good Business All Round


Calling In The Professionals

There's something valiant about a DIY attitude. You're passionate about honing a skill, you're creating something glorious, and of course - testing and pushing your limits. When we applied this attitude to building our own trade show stand, we became very much aware of our limits. It was time to call in the professionals.


So, when do you call in the professionals? When the task at hand takes too. Damn. Long. We started off with the best of intentions, but a limited amount of time. When one day of crafting stretched into three, we knew something had to change. 

On the stands first outing to a trade show - the build up and breakdown proved to be the hardest parts of the trip. Compare that to a night drive from London to Manchester in a hired van during a raging Storm Doris and you can tell that it was bad.

So we learned from our mistakes and got an awesome company to do the hard part for us. We're not lazy - we're wise. 

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