Five Lessons We Learned This Summer.

The clouds are rapidly forming above Tea HQ. The windows are being shut more and more, we're even seeing more jumper-and-shirt combinations. This can only mean one thing - summer is over. It's been remarkably short, but we've learned some important lessons. 


Our garden in happier times

Gardens require commitment.
It's all very well and good starting a Tea HQ gardening club, but unless that initial enthusiasm transpires into daily watering duties, you're going to have some pretty dead plants on your hands.

Never sample with loose leaf.
It looks awesome and theatrical, but it's also likely that you'll end up with beautifully brewed, loose leaf tea and no one around to give it to. Once you've resorted to drinking the two pots yourself, 10 people appear at once, and you'll have nothing ready to give them!

Power cuts are opportune moments for housekeeping.
When the whole of Trafford Park is left without electricity, take the opportunity to do some long overdue shifting around at Tea HQ. 

There’s a lot you can do in five minutes.
We've given you something To Do Whilst You Brew every month this summer - it's required a spot of imagination, but we've not run out of ideas yet!

Summer is audit season.
Guidelines for a 90-minute audit to be taken with a pinch of salt. Always prepare for three hour phone calls. 


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