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Everything You Need To Know About English Breakfast

We’ve already told you why we love English Breakfast so much, but it’s time to get technical. In this week’s blog article you’ll find all of the requisite knowledge for you to become a fully fledged expert on our English Breakfast.


Whole Leaf English Breakfast Tea

Well of course it is, but that’s nothing to do with luck. We start out with a very specific idea of what an awesome blend should taste like before setting out on the rest. We knew that the perfect English Breakfast needs to be Malty and comforting, with notes of hops, rhubarb and a touch of smoke.

With the flavour profile in mind, it’s onto the sourcing. The tea farmers in Assam have been producing delicious, malty tea with tonnes of body for hundreds of years - they know best, so we look to them for the majority of our English Breakfast blend. We source the remaining 10% of the leaves from Ceylon {what’s now known as Sri Lanka}. Ceylon tea is rich and bright in flavour, perfect for the refreshing finish we wanted for our English Breakfast.

Fast forward through blending. tea bag making, picking, packing, order taking and order sending from Tea HQ and it’s all down to you. To get the most out of your English Breakfast, you need to keep some figures in mind.


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