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Last month, we gave you all the tools to become an expert on English Breakfast - the classic blend of all classic blends. This week, we’re back with another batch of knowledge for a British tea cupboard staple. Scroll on to find out everything you need to know about the awesome, flavour packed blend that is Earl Grey.


The glorious Earl Grey ingredients

When we tell people we do an Earl Grey, we’ll get one of two predictable reactions.

“Oooh yes, I love it, I can’t stand it when people / I’m one of those people who put milk in it”

“Ugh. Can’t stand the stuff. It tastes like hot perfume”

Proponents of reaction number two needn’t fear. We too can’t stand that artificial taste that you get so much with Earl Grey. We wanted to do this classic justice, so we started out with an ideal flavour profile for our Earl Grey - we wanted to create something refreshing, light and woody, with well-balanced citrus notes and not a hint of Pure Poison.

That in mind, we set about sourcing our Ceylon. We use a dash of it in our English Breakfast for its bright, refreshing and floral notes, which also make it perfect for a good cup of Earl Grey. As always, we source the highest quality, whole rolled leaves from farms approved by the Ethical Tea Partnership. We infuse these leaves with pure bergamot oil and add some dried orange peel and calendula petals to bolster the Ceylon with a natural, smashing citrus flavour.

Then it’s over to you. As always, there are some key figures for you to keep in mind when brewing your Earl Grey.

All you need to know about Earl Grey

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