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  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Hand Packed in Manchester
  • Good Business All Round


Dusty Tea:
What's The Problem?

Charging £1.50 for a paper tea bag, is a total rip-off, and here’s why.


You wouldn’t dream of drinking it black. Most folks drinking black tea take it with milk and sometimes sugar – lactose intolerance is the immediate diagnosis for anyone who takes their dusty tea black. Why? Because the stuff tastes rank.

When you take a lower grade leaf, dry it out, chop it to within an inch of its life then squeeze the finished tea bag against the side of the mug – something’s going to get lost. Namely, the actual flavour of tea.

This is why we always make our English Breakfast black to taste - using rolled, whole leaves gives a dry, malty and caramelly taste. It's bold enough to take milk, so add it if you want to, not because you have to.

Don't waste your time on dusty teabags.

Buy proper tea here. 

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