If you know us, then you know one thing's for sure: we're all about doing things properly. It's not just about getting people to drink awesome tea, it's about treating our people right, getting our hands dirty and watching our footprint. But no man is an island, so it's important that the suppliers we work with are just as stubborn when it comes to doing honest business.


The truth is, we're pretty choosy about who our mates are. You'll never catch us just going for the cheapest or most convenient option available. We give all our potential suppliers the third degree in the form of a new supplier questionnaire. We ask questions about who they employ, whether they use renewable energy and how they get rid of their waste to name a few.

We'll also look for sustainability accreditations {like Ethical Tea Partnership and Rainforest Alliance}. In fact, we've made it official. Going forward, at least 20% of all the materials we use going will be from accredited sustainable sources. 

Screening our suppliers means that we'll always be working with suppliers who like to do the right thing. It's a tough grilling, but the right suppliers will find it breezy. 

There are other perks to having good mates, of course - Chris from Nuttall {our packaging supplier} has donated a gnome for our Tea HQ garden. Nice.


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