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Brews On Tour: Trafford Ecology Park

Last month, we journeyed far {ish} to stop for a tea at Rivington Pike. This month, we’re keeping it local. We took our seriously upgraded flask of English Breakfast 5 minutes down the road to the melting pot of flora and fauna which is Trafford Ecology Park. There’s no place like home.

53°28'25.5"N 2°18’52.8"W

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

This place is full of surprises. For one, the distinctly large bee population. The number of bees may seem inexplicable, until you find that the park has it’s own bee farm. Impressive - but maybe not the best place to stop for tea.

If you don’t suffer from anaphylaxis, head to the park and find your way to the pond. It’s scenic, surprisingly large and full of wildlife. Being notorious amateur Bird-spotters, we befriended these Canadian Geese. They seemed right at home - so we guess they wont be migrating back to Canada in the wake of Brexit anytime soon.

Finally, we found the remnants of a campfire surrounded by some tree stump seats. Perfect. This was the place. We cracked out our cups, poured our tea and - feeling refreshed and inspired, penned a catalogue of fireside ballads.

 Just kidding.

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