Birdspotting at Tea HQ

This month, we’re getting you to spot them all with our bird spotting card. The seasons are changing, which mean it’s out with the cold brew lemonade. But don’t despair, the chillier months mean endless pots of tea, chai lattes and the arrival of the wigeon, the firecrest, the waxwing and the curlew. What’s not to like?! So, with optimism in hand we took this month’s card outside of Tea HQ and tried to see some autumnal visitors.


No signs of bird-life

Firecrests are usually spotted in woodland areas, gardens or hedgerows. So we headed to the nearest bit of shrubbery we could find at Tea HQ, right by the bike locks. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see any hustling in the hedgerow, so we cut our losses and kept looking. 

The only problem is, Tea HQ isn’t exactly prime bird spotting terrain. 

Wigeons and Curlews are both big fans of water, and despite how rainy it is in manchester, there are no puddles big enough at Tea HQ to accommodate them. Waxwings prefer it by the coast, too. 

It was all looking a little hopeless and very bird-less until, right at the last minute we saw a pigeon and a seagull. Awesome. That said, we don’t think much will top that time the Canadian Geese came to visit.


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