Because Good Tea's
Worth it.

Most of us are prepared to pay a little extra for a nice bottle of wine or a good coffee, and 97% of​ ​our drinkers told us they’d pay extra for better tea, so why do so many places serving tea have a problem with charging more?

A lot of shops and restaurants reckon that tea is just tea, it isn’t something to write home about. It’s a bit like when people thought instant coffee was the be-all and end-all​ ​of coffee, it was quick and easy and because they didn’t know different, they thought it tasted alright too…

An awesome cup of tea doesn’t have to cost the world, but it is going to be a little more expensive than what we’re used to paying. We thought it might be a good idea to explain what exactly goes into making that cup of tea, and why it costs slightly more.


The best bits.

When you buy a proper cup of tea, it's got to be hand-picked. That means a real person choosing the very best leaves from the top of the plant and picking them by hand to keep them intact and full of flavour, not a big machine that harvests low-grade leaves, stems and all the bits in-between.


Then you have the actual quality of the leaves, and what we do to them before they end up in your mug. If you’re familiar with Brew, you’ve probably heard us banging on about rolled whole leaves, this means whole leaves that have been ​ ​dried and then​ ​rolled, not cut or processed by industrial-scale machinery.

Dusty tea vs rolled whole leaves. No contest.

When you roll a leaf, rather than chopping it into dust and tiny granules, you keep all the amazing flavour and natural oils from the leaf, giving you a great tasting brew with no bitterness. Your cup of tea takes a minute or two longer to brew, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

That takes us to what we do here in Manchester. Just like the estates where we get our tea, we’re a small business and we do everything by hand here at Tea HQ. That’s right - real people packing your brews, sticking labels, and gift wrapping just about everything that leaves our door. It’s not a small task, but we reckon it makes ordering tea online more special.


We want our drinkers to challenge the perception that tea is just tea, dust is fine, and anything over £1 for a cup of tea is out of the question. If you wouldn’t pay for an instant coffee in a restaurant, don’t pay for a crap tea.

Feel a bit cheeky? Print this off this little calling card and hand it to any cafes that are neglecting their brews. Send us a snap of your mischief and we'll even reward your efforts with £5 in Brew Coins.

Brew Calling Card

Here's to awesome tea!

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