If you know us, then you know that we're all about Doing Honest Business. Rather than being all talk, we set out some concrete, Honest Business Doing goals for the year 2017. One of our goals was to have everyone at Tea HQ use two days of paid leave to help out a charity of their choice, and we're chuffed to announce that we've already got the ball rolling on that one. We asked Ash to tell us all about his two days of volunteering with FareShare. 


Ashley volunteering

FareShare takes surplus food from suppliers and delivers it to places that really need it, rather than letting it go to waste. The food provided by FareShare contributes towards 28.6 million meals per year.

"Fare Share delivers food and drink provided by producers usually a couple of days before it becomes short dated. I was out on the van helping to load the orders and deliver them to the relevant places.

It was a mix of places we visited, food banks, halfway houses. Care homes etc. All predominately staffed by volunteers. At fare share, there is only a handful of staff, supported by volunteers.

Fare Share can sometimes get a pallet of produce in with less than 24 hours to turn it around. They have a team in the office who talk to a range of charities and get as much of the produce out as possible whilst it can still be of use.

It was a real eye-opener seeing some of the places fare share deliver food to"

You can find out more about FareShare on their website here http://www.fareshare.org.uk


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