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A Brand New Way To Spend Your Brew Coins.

We've come up with a brand new way for you to spend your pennies. From now on, we'll be giving you the chance to get your hands on some Brew goodies for less. All you'll need is a Brew Coins Kitty, and a thirst for awesome tea. Today, we're telling you exactly how the Brew Coins Bonanza, starting in this week's Brew Times, is going to work. 


Brew Coins

It's time to dust off those hard-earned Brew Coins and spend 'em on something awesome.

From today until the weeks running up to {dare we say it?...} Christmas, we're giving you the chance use your superb collection of coins to get yourself some goodies.
Will it be brews? Will it be a smashing bit of kit? All will be revealed.
Get in on the action by:
1. Logging into your account.
2. Hitting the Brew Coins button in the top right corner of the website.
3. Clicking on 'Use Points'.
4. Finding the offer and clicking 'Get Code'.
Sorted. Easy peasy, ey?
Each offer will use a different amount of coins. If you don't fancy a particular week's deal, just hang on until the next one.
These cracking deals are good for one week only, so dive in if it tickles your fancy.

The Brew Times

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